The rise of cloud computing and “Internet-scale” applications has led to an explosion in the scope and type of data that enterprises need to manage. To optimize application performance and make the most of elastic application architectures, enterprises need a holistic view of their web- and cloud-based applications. That holistic view must include real-time monitoring, management, alerting, and reporting.

Evident ClearStone provides powerful and robust capabilities that allow you to capture, process, and visualize metrics coming from your running systems so that you can test, manage, and optimize your applications for peak performance. ClearStone presents information in real time, giving you immediate insight into how you should scale and maintain your production systems. ClearStone was built from the ground up to support the demanding and real time needs of today’s largest infrastructures. Today ClearStone is monitoring and managing business-critical applications for leading e-commerce and financial services firms.

ClearStone has four major functions:

Collect: ClearStone’s collection framework retrieves data from many different sources, including JMX, CSV files, and logs (via a log4J appenders). Information can be fed in batch or in real time to ClearStone’s real-time Operational Cache (OpCache) for immediate processing.

Correlate: A unique and powerful feature of ClearStone is its ability to aggregate raw data, correlate it, and transform it into rich application data and metrics. ClearStone’s Complex Event Processing engine reads data from the OpCache, processes it, transforms it, and delivers the results back into the OpCache, ready for presentation to the user. ClearStone’s correlation capabilities allow users to identify and create connections between and within systems to glean information not available when collecting from individual containers.

Visualize: ClearStone’s real-time dashboard allows for rich visualizations that can be customized to report on nearly any metric possible. Features include an operational health dashboard, threshold-based alerting, and reports for comparing and contrasting metrics. In addition, information can be read off the OpCache in real time going back up to 24 hours or more – allowing for instant access to historical information. Historical and real-time data can be compared and reported on. Advanced visualizations such as heat maps analyze application topologies and hot spots. ClearSton’es Flex-based UI runs in any browser.

Manage: ClearStone has rich management functions, including custom and real-time alerts, as well as a plug-in framework that supports manual or automated responses to threshold-based conditions via built-in, third party, or user-generated code. Users can start/stop nodes and systems, elastically grow and shrink based on thresholds and provide information to first-level system management tools via SNMP, SMTP, and more.

ClearStone supports myriad systems through Management Packs – plug-ins that provide the necessary logic to perform the above functions. Evident currently has packs for Java, Coherence, Memcached, and GridServer with several new packs scheduled for the rest of this year, and a toolkit for building custom packs for internal or proprietary applications. The optional Chronographs feature provides a data warehouse for storing long term analytics.

The solution installs in minutes and provides immediate and real time access to running applications. The ClearStone platform was built to grow with you and supports many popular development environments including Java, Data Caching Platforms (including Coherence, Terracotta/Ehcache, Hazelcast), and Big Data (such as NoSQL, Memcached, Hadoop).

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